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The Rational Speculator is a paid membership platform that provides actionable trading and investing ideas in a learning environment.

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Many investors believe that managing their own accounts is too complicated or too time consuming or they have been advised to place their money into index funds by asset gatherers. What happens when the market stops going up and then starts going down? Most likely the ‘professional’ advice will be to persevere and sail through the storm. In my opinion, there are much better approaches.

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Membership to The Rational Speculator provides access to four or more new trades or speculations each month. Strategies and products are selected to improve the opportunities for success in the current market environment.

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Members are notified of trade or speculation execution in near real time by web alert, email and Tweet. The Rational Speculator's own execution prices accompany each notification.

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Members are invited to participate in the discussion surrounding each trade or speculation. This is an important aspect of The Rational Speculator's learning environment. A member can choose a nickname to preserve anonymity. Otherwise the username selected at registration will be used.

"There are many potential pitfalls on the journey to becoming a successful investor or trader. Some of these pitfalls include following the advice of unscrupulous newsletter writers and other conflicted industry ‘experts’, using outdated and expensive trading technologies, or becoming caught up in the fear-mongering and bloated fees of unqualified salespeople pretending to be financial advisers. In today's markets, retail traders can prosper in many different market envrionments."
Michael Collins
The Rational Speculator


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Membership offers near real time alerts to four or more trades or speculations each month (although there may be months with fewer depending on market opportunity). These notifications are sent by web alert, email and Tweet. (Members must follow @RtlSpeculator to receive Tweets.) Members have access to the protected content and are invited to comment on each trade or speculation idea. The monthly membership cost is $40 US after expiry of the 30 day free trial. You may cancel your membership at any time. No refunds are offered. 

A trade involves the use of options, futures or options on futures. Trades are tagged as Opening, Adjusting or Closing. Adjusting means that the trade is being extended by employing defensive techniques to increase the probability of closing the trade for a profit. The Still Open tag is used to identify trade opportunities that are still in play. Trades usually play out in days or weeks.

In general, speculations feature trades of deeply out of favor equities that involve significant hold times. Each speculation is tagged as Opening, Increasing, Decreasing or Closing. The Still Open tag is used to identify Speculation opportunities that are still in play.

Yes. Performance data is available under Track Record. Additional information is available here.

Access to the Rational Speculator was offered for free for more than one year to demonstrate reliability and an excellent public track record. Upgrades to the service have been implemented to make the service more useful. These upgrades include the issuance of near real time alerts and the implementation of an interactive comments section which encourages discussion and learning around the trades and speculations. Costs associated with adding these changes necessitated charging for the service. The $40 monthly fee is excellent value when compared to other services. 

It is possible to scale down the trade sizes so that just a few thousand dollars would be enough to get started. I would be hesitant to put more than 20 percent of the account value in any one trade for small accounts and I would utilize a smaller percentage for larger accounts.

It is important to use a brokerage firm that utilizes technology to provide good trade fills and offers low commissions. The firm should be comfortable with stocks, options and futures/options on futures in order to get the most out of this service. Interactive Brokers and Tastyworks are solid choices, but there are many more. There may be restrictions on the types of trades that can be made depending on the type of account and the trader’s level of experience. This service offers trade ideas for every level of trader and account type.

Meet The Rational Speculator

Michael Collins

I am an engineer, writer and trader. This platform shares what has worked for me during my 20 plus years of investing and trading. 

I would rather be in charge of my own destiny. Improved trading technologies offering lower fees and capital efficient products have leveled the playing field with the pros. The cost-effective availability of first rate macro and specialty research adds true confidence.

I look forward to sharing how The Rational Speculator platform can improve members’ opportunities of successfully trading and speculating in many different market environments.

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