$29,422 of Profit in 8 Months at the Rational Speculator

The Rational Speculator recorded $29,422 of profit in the eight months of 2021 since becoming a paid membership service. A total of 24 trades were closed with 22 being winners. The detailed track record can be found here. The profit is calculated using the Rational Speculator’s standard position sizing. Most of the positions are highly liquid meaning that it would be easy to scale returns. My trade size may vary from the Rational Speculator’s standard position sizing.

One change being made for 2022 is that the standard trade size for Speculations is being increased to 5,000 shares when the share price is below $1 as it will better reflect the actual amount of capital being put to work.

It costs only $40 per month to join the Rational Speculator. The first month is free. Membership can be cancelled at any time. Membership provides access to exclusive trading opportunities and includes near real time updates via web alert, email and Tweet. The Rational Speculator is an educational platform so questions are expected and welcomed through the enhanced comments system. Find out more about membership here.

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