I am putting together a list of resources that I believe will assist investors and traders in their mission to beat the market.


There are loads of newsletters on the market. Most of them are less than useless. It’s an easy way to lose when rigidly following the advice of ‘experts.’ Let’s face it. It doesn’t take much to set up shop. I have subscribed to many newsletters over the years and have whittled my list extensively based on integrity, originality, process, actionability and performance. My recommendations are independent of possible receipt of affiliate commissions.

Insider Weekly

Chris MacIntosh offers some of the best investment and trading ideas and research available today. He is a critical and contrarian thinker who makes many original and actionable calls. He is a real trader and not some conflicted Wall Street type who is not even allowed to trade. Insider Weekly is available here. https://capexinsider.com/insider-week/?orid=27411&opid=84


There are financial media companies making a difference.

Real Vision

Real Vision is a disruptive financial media company that provides unfiltered access to insights and analysis from some of the world’s most successful investors and traders.