Selling Tranche #2 of Scorpio Tankers for a 8% Profit

I am selling the second tranche of Scorpio Tankers (STNG) for a $1,470 profit per 1000 shares. This equates to a 8.5% profit. Three $0.10 dividends (06/15/20; 09/29/20; 12/05/20) are included in this calculation. The tanker complex has broken out, but might be due for a pullback given its recent performance. I still own one more tranche bought at a higher price so I do not mind taking off some exposure. The Speculation in tankers seems to have further to run in the medium term.

Sold tranche #2 STNG @ 18.74.

The Rational Speculator transformation to the paid membership platform is on track for release later this month. No opening trades will be recorded until the new site is operational.

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