Selling Tranche #3 of Scorpio Tankers for a 17% Profit

I am selling the third tranche of Scorpio Tankers (STNG) for a $2,270 profit per 1000 shares. This equates to a 17.7% profit. Two $0.10 dividends (09/29/20; 12/05/20) are included in this calculation. The tanker complex appears to be breaking out with Scorpio in the vanguard. I am taking off some exposure as I own two other tranches at higher levels. Tankers remain an excellent Speculation.

Sold tranche #3 STNG @ 15.09.

This trading blog has been quiet lately as I am only entering closing trades. Rational Speculator is being transformed into a paid membership platform. The new service will be operational in March, 2021 and membership fees will be $40 per month. There is still much opportunity in the markets and I hope you will come along to explore it with me through this new service. Please leave your email on the Sign Up section of this website to find out more. Thanks.

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