Rolling BA Trade to June

Boeing has been hanging in there, but it is time to roll as May expiration approaches. Sold BA 06/18/21 Put 240.00 @ 11.02 Filled at: May 10, 2021 10:09:21 AM EDT Bought BA 06/18/21 Put 230.00 @ 6.65 Filled at: May 10, 2021 10:09:21 AM EDT Bought BA 05/21/21 Put 240.00 @…
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Keeping On With ADBE Adjustments

I am rolling the ADBE iron fly to April to collect additional credit while extending the trade duration. Bought ADBE 03/19/21 Call 500.00 @ 2.17 Bought ADBE 04/16/21 Call 520.00 @ 5.46 Sold ADBE 03/19/21 Call 520.00 @ 0.62 Sold ADBE 04/16/21 Call 500.00 @ 9.84 Sold ADBE 04/16/21 Put…
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Adjusting ADBE Again

This position needs more time to work out so I am rolling the put spread to March and selling a March call spread on a day when the stock price is showing some life. This adjustment decreases the maximum possible loss on the position while extending the opportunity to be…
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Rolling the ADBE Iron Condor

I am rolling the ADBE Iron Condor to February and tightening the put side wing. This adjustment reduces the position risk by collecting additional credit and by reducing the maximum possible loss. There is already no risk to the upside as the credit exceeds the width of the call spread.…
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Adjusting the PYPL Position

PYPL’ s share price has been strong. I decided to move up the put side of the iron condor in the same month in order to collect additional premium and to minimize the damage if the share price continues to rise. Bought PYPL 01/15/21 Put 175.00 @ 0.97Bought PYPL 01/15/21…
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