Closing APA Straddle

This trade went in the wrong direction immediately. By following the mechanics of rolling the options, I was able to scratch the trade. It took about a month for this to play out. The market has been on an unrelenting tear which is limiting volatility related opportunities. There is very…
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Closing the NOB Spread

I decided to close out the NOB spread when the opportunity came to scratch it. I won’t be so fast to put this trade on again given that I have scratched two of these spreads consecutively. I see some other opportunities on the horizon and this trade was taking up…
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Closing US Steel (X)

X shares rose after its earnings release and the price of the 11 Puts in November collapsed so taking profits of $36 per one lot. That would be a $360 profit if holding 10 options contracts. Bought X Nov 11 Puts for 0.09 debit.
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