Going Long a Country ETF

I am selling put spreads in EWZ. This Brazil ETF has been punished and carries high volatility in its options. The credit received is 1.34. Sold EWZ 01/21/22 Put 29.00 @ 2.25Filled at: Nov 24, 2021 10:41:30 AM EST Bought EWZ 01/21/22 Put 26.00 @ 0.91Filled at: Nov 24, 2021 10:41:30 AM…
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Selling Puts in a Miner

BHP delivers earnings on November 16 so its options are relatively rich with volatility. This is a company that I would be glad to own at its current price and it pays a 10%+ dividend. I am selling puts to take advantage of a potential decline in the options’ volatility…
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Selling an Iron Condor

NUE’s options have a decent volatility component making this underlying a good premium selling candidate. Collecting 1.50 by selling the December $5 wide iron condor. Bought NUE 12/17/21 Put 95.00 @ 1.10Filled at: Nov 9, 2021 12:44:00 PM EST Bought NUE 12/17/21 Call 130.00 @ 1.35Filled at: Nov 9, 2021 12:44:00 PM…
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